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Virtual Cacao Ceremony/Circle & Heart Opening Flow


Saturday February 27, 2pm

For me February is often a time of overwhelm. Dealing with the chilly middle of winter on the east coast and the knowledge that my Seasonal Affective Disorder will be lingering through March is a lot. This year, we've got pandemic fatigue to boot, and the personal fallout of a difficult year. Let's gather virtually for some sweetness, some joy, and some self-love. 


Here is a great explanation of how the cacao might make you feel and why you'll want to drink it in this way. Cacao is a vasodilator, which widens blood vessels, increasing blood flow to the heart. This is why we say that cacao is a heart-opener, and it is a medicine in the way that mother nature offers many vitalizing and helpful substances if we are open to receiving them. Cacao ceremonies can help us set intentions in a safe and sacred container with others in an empathetic and open atmosphere. 


You'll want to prepare your cacao before we meet up; anywhere from 30 minutes to 15 minutes beforehand (this is a great recipe but don't be afraid to keep it very simple; even more simple than this.) You can use any cacao that you're able to easily procure; the most important ingredient is intent (more on this below.) Roll out your mat and zoom in; we will create the container for our sacred experience, starting with introductions and you'll have an opportunity to share your intentions for the experience. Sharing is never mandatory, but can be very important in processes like this one, since we each carry unique experiences and messages that are inspirational, healing, and even medicinal for others. Once we've consumed our cacao, I'll lead us through guided meditation and and a 45 minute heart opening vinyasa flow (suitable for all levels.) We'll rest in restorative savasana and then close out our container with more sharing and a card draw from one of my favorite decks. <3 


You can get ceremonial cacao from several sources if you're willing to shop online. Ceremonial cacao is usually hardened paste made from 100% pure cacao bean and contains a higher quantity of beneficial compounds than what you'll find on the grocery shelf. Often ceremonial cacao is minimally processed and ethically sourced. Think dark chocolate but concentrated many, many times! Ceremonial cacao in this form will often have the natural fats that are stripped away from processed chocolate and therefore you will want to use water rather than milk (plant or animal) to create your drink. To be honest, I do not always use ceremonial cacao; my ayahusaca shaman guided me to Navitas Cacao Powder the first time I felt called to guide a ceremony, and I really love the taste and texture. Its also easy to find online or at Whole Foods. I find that the most important ingredient in your cacao will be YOU and YOUR INTENTION. Rather than rushing through making your cacao, tune in to the moment. Play your favorite sacred sounds or sing to your cacao while it cooks! When I made cacao for an alternative mother's day workshop for folks whose mothers were estranged or passed on, I prayed and sang the song my mother sang to me when I was a small child. 


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