Virtual Yoga - Classes & Workshops

While we can't meet up for a sweaty flow at the studio, we can still gather in virtual community and get our sweat/breath/meditation on at home. Currently offering accessible, dynamic and inclusive classes online, both with Harlem Yoga Studio and on my own. I offer optional playlists that you can queue up and enjoy at home while we flow.


A basic practice suitable for all levels; less flow and more instruction. Expect some pranayama and movement on the gentler side

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Similar to Vinyasa Flow but suitable for all levels ; this practice is 60 minutes.


Very little to no movement; instead we'll be supported in relaxing postures with a focus on ease and rest. This practice can be about meditation or respite, depending on what you need most


A 45 minute class with larger bodies, unique practices and variations in mind. We'll flow but there is also time to workshop intermediate postures and concepts


Moving and flowing; expect sun salutation-like movements and creative sequencing. These classes are 45 minutes. 

Pink Blossom

Special weekend workshops & virtual class series to explore Restorative Yoga, Intermediate and Advanced postures, seasonal shifts, and other fun stuff!