Testimonials for Angela Dawn

"I have been consistently attending Angela's yoga classes and I LOVE IT.  It brings so much joy and positive energy to my day. My body and mind is in total peace during and after yoga class.  Angela is so very knowledgeable, kind, and delightful. Thank you for bringing joy into my body and mind!"

Akram Hasanov

"Angela is absolutely fantastic. I had been doing yoga for many years before I had my baby but it had been months since I'd practiced and she was perfect. She was accommodating as well as challenging. I would suggest her for an instructor both for group and personal practice as I've experienced her expertise in both capacities. She truly cares about the work and about your experience and your growth, but she also doesn't make you feel intimidated in any way."

Jennifer Shafran

“Angela has an inviting teaching style that makes me wish to continue in my practice.”


Sadie Kleinman