Private Yoga & Yoga Nidra Sessions with Angela Dawn

Sometimes you just need to breathe. And encouragement is always welcome.

Sometimes you need help to quiet the mind. 

Or maybe you need help starting your yoga practice.

Perhaps you don't know if you're strong enough or flexible enough for yoga (SPOILER ALERT: You are!)

Maybe you are an athlete and you've heard that a regular yoga practice can compliment your regular training.

Or maybe you'd like to reinvigorate or refine your yoga practice with some individual attention, in your own home, on your own schedule.

Private Yoga Asana 

I am certified to teach Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga-inspired Vinyasa. I can create a bespoke yoga experience to fit your needs. I will make sure your yoga practice is just right for YOU and YOUR BODY, not someone else's, whether you want to gain core and upper body strength, increase shoulder mobility, or release tight hamstrings after your marathon run. 

I promise you your body is a yoga body. Get in touch and let's figure out what kind of yoga will make your body feel good. 

Private Yoga Nidra 

Yoga nidra is a meditation practiced lying down in savasana. Yoga nidra, or "yogic sleep," is meant to induce the hypnagogic state, the state between waking and sleeping. In this powerful state just on the threshold of sleep, our senses are drawn inward and we dream while we are awake. The mind deeply relaxes, physical and emotional tension is released, and the body is flooded with hormones that can reduce pain and inflammation. Most importantly, we no longer let the intellectual mind dictate how we should live. Yoga nidra leads us to our sankalpa, or our true, heartfelt desire, and gives us powerful insight into how to manifest this desire.

With yoga nidra we move through images and sensations, some of which may release memories and emotions locked deep in the subconscious and unconscious mind. Therefore, while you are likely to have a pleasant & relaxing experience, some unpleasant emotions may surface. This doesn't mean that the practice has been unsuccessful; rather with these emotions and memories released, we find it that much easier to permanently change unwanted habits and behaviors. A regular yoga nidra practice restores our vitality and keeps us in touch with our authentic selves.


Depending on your experience level, I will lead you through a short, gentle asana (posture) practice prior to the meditation in order to release tension and prepare the body for yoga nidra, which will last 30 - 40 minutes. Yoga nidra has helped me deal with deep grief, issues of abandonment and rejection, and feelings of sadness. If you're working with difficult feelings, I can design a yoga nidra meditation that can help release some of the negativity and help you refresh.

Email to inquire about rates for yoga asana. For Yoga Nidra, $80 for one session (private or semi-private)